Juicy Bakery Cookie Workshop
We sell Non-artificial Coloring Royal Icing Cookies

The most important thing that parents care about is children's health.
When I proposed to make decorating cookies for my 4-month old nephew, my brother asked me to give him something non-poisoned.
One of my friend saw my decorated cookies and ordered a set for her child becuase of the natural coloring.
Because of the reminder from children's parents, I decided to make all natural coloring royal icing cookies.
All coloring is made from natrual spices but not artificial color dye.

The choice of spices is very important which I only choose the spices which is not dyed by artificial color; otherwise, to color the icing by spices is useless.
Since all the color are dyed by natural spices, there is less color choice and less bright color comparing to other's cookies.
We don't use Wilton color since only the color Daffodil Yellow is all-natrual color, and as mentioned on Wilton's website, it is still pale. (*1)

Since we dye the icing by spices, the quantity of spices usage is much more than using artifial dye, and therefore, the price is not negotiable.

We pack the cookies by vacum package in order to avoid contaminated during the shipment.
Even though the price of vacum packaging is much higher than normal plastic bag, we hope to protect the cookies from contaminated. (*2)
Although vacum packging can expand the expiration date of cookies, we suggest to finish the cookies in 2 weeks.

All cookies are hand-painted, and the color is dyed before use, therefore, it won't be all the same for every cookies.
We only accept order from who can accept the difference.

As it takes long to paint the cookies, and currently, only myself working on it, therefore, we only accept order 2 weeks prior to the shipping date.
Please do order 2-4 weeks before the date of usage.
Please do remember the shipping might takes 1 or 2 days, please place the order 1 or 2 days before the day of usage.
There's only limited amount of order that I could accept, please place order as early as possible.
The order is effective only if the money is transfered to my account.
I will start making cookie only after get payed.

Mini size cookie (longest side about 5 cm) cost 55NTD
Regular size cookie (longest side about 8 cm) cost 85NTD
Your order can be mix size.
The minimum order is 660NTD (12 mini cookie or 8 regular size cookiem, or mix).
Shipment inside Taiwan cost 120NTD.
For order more than 2000NTD, shipment is free.

Abbriviated from Wilton website: "Daffodil Yellow is an all-natural color. It does not contain Yellow #5. The color remains very pale."
Please reference to the description of color on Wilton's website.

We will pack several cookies in one vacum package.
If you want cookies to be packed seperately for each cookies, we need to charge 4 NTD for each cookies.


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