All cookies are hand-painted, and the color is dyed before use, therefore, it won't be all the same for every cookies.
We only accept order from who can accept the difference.

Mini size cookie (longest side about 5 cm) cost 55NTD
Regular size cookie (longest side about 8 cm) cost 85NTD
Your order can be mix size.
The minimum order is 660NTD (12 mini cookie or 8 regular size cookiem, or mix).
Shipment inside Taiwan cost 120NTD.
For order more than 2000NTD, shipment is free.

Please fill up the following form:
You might order by leave private message on this post
Or order by send email to
Or order by send message to FB Juicy Bakery 茱喜餅乾工作坊.

Name of the person who ordered:
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Date of arrival:
Email or Facebook account
Usage of cookie (baby shower, wedding celebration of else):
Order Product (type of set: Mini set 12 coolies/Regular set 8 cookies/Mix set of 12 cookies)
Order Extra cookies (how many regular size/mini size):
Specific type of cookies you want (Please reference to picture or chosen by Juicy Bakery):
Name or characters to write on cookie
(For regular size cookie, we can write a word; For mini size cookies, we can write a character)


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